Data Analytics



Companies can increase the competitive edge with data analytics. The improvement in revenues can today derive thanks to technologies and Data Analytics by offering added value to the customer more quickly and reducing costs by optimizing operational activities.


What is Data Analytics? Data analytics is the process of gaining insights from data that is mined, transformed, and centralized to uncover and analyze hidden patterns, relationships, trends, correlations, and anomalies, or to validate a theory or hypothesis. Today, data can be analyzed to make real-time decisions, and uncover conditions that would not be apparent using outdated data management processes.


Main uses of data analysis: – increase the efficiency of processes and costs – drive strategy and change – monitor and improve financial results The use of technological solutions for data management and analysis have a significant impact on results. developments considered relevant are:

– cloud computing
– big data
– artificial intelligence/machine learning

The implementation of the data analysis models to be applied. Data analysis techniques involve a number of processes and activities. In value-added (advanced) projects, the required design work is carried out in a process divided into three phases:

– Planning or Data Plan
– Construction of the analysis model or Model building
– Model implementation or Model implementation.



What we propose
Implementazione di un sistema ETL con relativa gestione della reportistica su un sistema CRM.​

For this type of activity we offer:​

– a standalone application for automatic data extraction, reading, processing and analysis of data from various sources
– a mini-ocr for the automatic reading of the values ​​ì
– for the management part: creation of reporting files by exploiting the potential of CRM systems (possibility of modifying data, adding, specifying users, etc.)​
– in-cloud solution, with safe and reliable data storage