Soluzione innovativa per la gestione integrata della cartella socio-sanitaria

Il software mira a ridurre al minimo il tempo impiegato dall'operatore per certificare il proprio lavoro all'interno delle Comunità/Strutture, rendendo il proprio lavoro utile ai colleghi del proprio team e alla cooperativa/azienda per cui lavora.

A concrete help offered by a sector, the information technology one, apparently distant in relational terms; a new way of reading needs and solving them. A distortion of the procedures used until now.
The planning of the interventions and the scheduling of the same will produce effects on the organization and on the achievement of the pre-established objectives, leaving the role it deserves to the programming.

Being able to program the plan of interventions at any level (pedagogical, structural, relational, etc.), guarantees that you have clear objectives to be achieved and, therefore, to be able to define the results to be determined upstream.

The transition from paper to computer support simplifies the flow of information and immediately achieves the goal you want to achieve. The use of an IT platform makes it possible to eliminate those typical redundancies of the paper model, with an important impact on savings, in terms of timing, to the benefit of pedagogical and relational work.

The software allows for the transformation of a relationship into a mathematical model, opening up new scenarios on the possible acquisition of information which until now was intangible. Such data inevitably open up new spaces for research, for the definition of new objectives, for the possibility of having a new observation point, a new perspective. The possibility of making the guest a fundamental and main actor in the improvement process represents a further optimization in terms of quality of the service provided.


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